Manufacturing Facilities

Bromine Manufacturing
We explore bromine and manufacture our bromine and crude salt products in eight facilities in Shandong province through our subsidiary Shouguang City Hao Yuan Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. (SCHC). Our current installation includes more than 4,000 wells, bringing our bromine production capacity to an estimated 46,300 tons annually.
Specialty Chemicals Manufacturing
We produce specialty chemical products for oil and gas exploration, papermaking, agricultural applications and pharmaceutical intermediates through our subsidiary Shouguang Yu Xin Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. (SYCI). We manufacture our chemical products using four production lines.
Two production lines focus on additives for oil and gas exploration chemicals, of which one produces environmentally friendly additive products, such as solid lubricants and polyether lubricants. In 2009, we upgraded our pesticide intermediate production line to manufacture more sophisticated agricultural chemicals.  In 2010 we opened a production line for additives for wastewater treatment chemicals. The additives use bromine in their formulation, allowing us to utilize our bromine assets for internal production. We also engage in research and development of pharmaceutical intermediates which will utilize bromine in their formulation.