Corporate History

October 2000
Shouguang Yuxin Chemical Industry Co. Ltd. (SYCI) was formed
May 2005
Shouguang City Haoyuan Chemical Industry Co. Ltd (SCHC) was formed
December 2006
Gulf Resources became a U.S. publicly traded company
February 2007
SYCI was acquired by Gulf Resources, Inc.
April 2007
Gulf Resources signed supply agreement with Daqing Oilfield Company.
May 2007
Gulf Resources signed a long term agreement with Huaneng Yimin Power Plant for its proprietary, environmentally friendly biocide product.
September 2007
Gulf Resources established Co-Op with East China University of Science & Technology to establish an R&D center focused on newly refined bromine-based chemical compounds and products utilized as raw materials for the pharmaceutical industry. GFRE will own all patents and discoveries. In addition, the Company announced two for one forward stock split and new trading symbol: GFRE.
September 2007
Gulf Resources signed a letter of intent with Southwest Synthetic Pharmaceutical Corporation Ltd. to explore becoming a supplier of APIs for antibiotics.
January 2008
Gulf Resources announced it has successfully developed a new type of environmentally friendly oil field drilling fluid system.
September 2008
Gulf Resources opened a new production line focusing on environmentally friendly additive products.

October 2009
Gulf Resources’ common stock starts trading on the NASDAQ Global Select Market.

June 2010
Gulf Resources constructed a new production line focusing on additives for wastewater treatment chemicals.
January 2015
Acquire Shouguang City Rongyuan Chemical Company,Limited ("SCRC")
November 2015
Formed Daying County Haoyuan Chemical Company,Limited( "DCHC") . Created partnership with Government of Daying County to explore for natural gas resources and brine resources.
January 2015
Found natural gas resources under its brine well in Sichuan Province.